View on property, of Winnipeg's Assiniboine river.



Digidesign ProTools HD-7 System capable of 192 simultaneous audio tracks, with full automation on a 12 core Intel Mac Pro. with Lynx Aurora 16 and Digidesign 192 i/os (72 inputs).

Large suite of licensed audio plugins by: TC, Sony, Waves (Mercury and Studio Classics collection TDM), BrainWorx TDM Bundle, Sound Toys TDM Bundle, Speakerphone,  McDSP, Eventide, Antares, Bomb Factory, Native Instruments, Spectrosonics, East West Platinum, Reason, Celemony, Ivory, Air Instruments (Digi) and . . .

Hi-end mic pres by Chandler, Millennia, Universal Audio, Focusrite and True Systems.

Analog Comps by Smart, Universal audio and Emperical Labs

Great microphones by Neumann, AKG, EV, Shure, Sony, Earthworks, Audio Technica, Coles.

Monitors by Focal, Blue Sky, Tannoy and Yamaha.

50 Terabytes of  storage for audio as well as Redundant backup.

Other MAC and PC computers for sequencing, hard disk recording, transfers, digital editing and mastering, video post with Final Cut Pro HD. 

Yamaha O2R Digital console with  recall for cue mixes.

Secure/private FTP Server for world wide access and distribution of audio.

Unifi WiFi network

Many studio guitars, basses, keys, drums, amps, cabinets, etc. . .

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The Groove Jungle has an environment that sets a mood to be creative. . . We are located on the Assiniboine River, two minutes west of the Park. There is a great sounding drum room and microphone set as well as a large control room and many instruments around if you looking for a certain sound. The Groove Jungle was recently renovated and the ProTools is updated to the powerful Digidesign HD system version 7.4 on an Apple Mac Pro. 

The Studio:

Going Down


Sometimes daunting, often inspiring. . . thanks for the music John, Paul, Ringo and George.


View from the back of the control room. . .


 Groove Jungle's DW Drums - Bring your own or use ours to save some lugging and enjoy great tones! 
Select from 20" 22" 24" 26" Kiks, 8" to 18" Toms, 8 Snares
Kit below =  22" Kik, 12", 14", 16" Toms


 The Lounge


The Groove Jungle 'In Action':

Taking pictures is generally the last thing on our mind when recording. . . so we've missed shots of a lot of great times. . . please remind me to pull out the camera more often!


'Just enough' G-Amps to get a smile out of  Derrick (Harlequin, Waking the Jester). . .these plus 10 more heads off-screen
 (Photo + Fender x 4, Laney, Cornford, Krank, Vox, Mesa Boogie, Peavey. . .) 


Two of Winnipeg's Favorite Flavors (Murray, Gil) getting ready to track Marianne D'Elia's CD.
. . . even non-mortals have to tune!


Rhythmic Sounds in the Jungle!


Elemo. . .he is both Mr. Music and  Dr. Rhythm.


All The Kings Men, at work!


Guitar World - just in case you need a little different flavor than what you brought. . .



Every Studio needs a mascot. . .


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