Producer's Profile



Howard Klopak has vast experience in many environments. At this time most of his projects come to Winnipeg and are recorded at the Groove Jungle recording studio, but he also often records live performances, or setups up at a remote site (a great sounding warehouse space or old church). Howard has engineered over 200 live radio music broadcasts for major market FM radio stations.  He has a proven track record in project management, many years as a hi-profile live sound engineer for various recording artists,  an experienced ProTools operator / technician, experience producing many different genres of music, educated in electronics, and known for his helpful and information sharing nature. 

Howard will get involved in a project at any stage, however he will provide positive impact at each stage so it is best when the relationship begins early. He prefers to get involved while the songs are being written and the artists are preparing to record. This allows for a better understanding of  what the artist is trying to achieve, helps the artists be better prepared to record, allows time to find the right additional people if beneficial, and allows more time for ideas and planning, which ensures the best possible outcome within a budget. 

Howard is also often called on to rescue incomplete projects, where artists are not satisfied with how things are proceeding or when looking for an extra edge.  He is also often called on to do final mixing or mastering for projects recorded at other professional facilities or by home recording enthusiasts. There is no cost for an initial consultation, which would give you an opportunity to get to know Howard a bit and learn how we may be able to help you take the right steps for your project. 

Howard Klopak has produced many artists at the Groove Jungle, which is a well equipped, spacious private recording studio.

If you have any questions or wish to arrange a meeting, please contact Howard through email or the telephone number on the contacts page.